Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm IT!!

I have never been tagged before. Honestly, I'm a little confused on how it works. I'll wing it. Wings are good. Perhaps I'll have hot wings tonight?

Let's see, Blablover5 from Introverted Bride tagged me. Yay! Super blogger! You should check her out.

Now I think I just answer the questions like she did, right? Works for me!

4 things I did today:

1. Woke up ready to get the working portion of Friday over with so that I could enjoy my weekend. Oh how I love the weekends!!!

2. Watched this clip from a football game. Frickin' amazing! I tried something like that in a dream the other night. Only it was showing off my skills at a running roundoff backhandspring backtuck. I ended up watching my head roll away from my body. Let's just say it was unsuccessful.

3. Learned that my bank Wamu is not very happy today. Or my Dad. He had stocks in Wamu. Whoops.

4. Got surprised by Justin for lunch. He was supposed to be too busy to take a lunch today. Noon rolled around and in walked Honey! The perfect pick-me-up for a Friday afternoon!

4 things on my To Do list:

1. Get off my lazy ass and get it back to the gym...tonight!

2. Play Legos Batman and get the current frickin' level finished...again. We bought a Wii just a couple days ago and last night while in hot pursuit of some villains our tv started emitting this horrible loud "ehhhhhhhhhhh". Think of "the most annoying sound in the world" from Dumb and Dumber. Yeah, that one. The Wii froze. We lost our unsaved progress! Damn it! It wasn't that bad of a loss, but enough to get really frustrated with the darn thing and call it some mean names. Let's hope tonight goes better.

3. Get my cardboxes finished. I've been unable to do these because I need an exacto knife to cut the top slit before I decoupage them. No knife, no progress. My goal is to finish these tomorrow. Or at least get a good start. It depends on if the Joker taunts me. I might be forced to play.

4. Do the dishes and scrub down the bathroom. I'm been putting the bathroom off. My least favorite of household chores. I figure if I do it tonight, I don't have to worry about it the rest of the weekend. Blah.

4 of my guiltiest pleasures:

1. Being a nerd and playing video games late late into the night. We're talking next morning here.

2. Shopping at Torrid. I love this store! My pretty plastic cards get abused here. Oops.

3. Being a Britney Spears closet fan. I can't help it. I love her music. Have you heard her new song Womanizer? LAUV ET! <---Kinda like a high pitched sing-songy voice. (From a movie I'm not sure which.) I'm glad she's finally not so damned crazy.

4. Food. I have a love/hate relationship with food. I'm learning to control the beast.

4 random facts about little ol' me:

1. I have this weird thing about open doors. I get anxious if I'm in a room -any room- and the door is open. I have to constantly glance at it. Otherwise I end up scared and running to either slam it shut or leave the room.

2. If I'm in a longer than normal hallway or an aisle at the grocery store I'll walk down to the end of it...runway style. Always making sure I have the "wind in the hair" look.

3. I have been to Disneyland 16 times throughout my life (I'll double check that when I get home.) and I can't wait to go back!

4. When I was 8 I was a Junior Princess at the Toledo Summer Festival. That year I fell out of a tire swing at the highest possible point. I broke my arm and a stick went into my lip (inside it actually, where the lip and gums meet.) I had to pry myself off of the stick. Eew. That night was a big hoopla to announce everyone and I really wanted to go. I was eight and there was a princess tiara...of course I wanted to go. I passed out on stage and had to get carried away by my Dad.

Now I'm gonna tag 4 people:
1. Ramblings of a future Mrs
2. She Weds
4. Jumping the Broom

I hope they don't mind being tagged! I really should comment people more often instead of just reading their blog and sneaking out the back door.

Duck, duck, GOOSE!!


Bride2B said...

I am sorry I did not get this done sooner but I my answers are posted now.BTW...I loved your answers!

The Pissed Off Bride said...

Loved your answers. I tagged Blablover and as expected she too had great answers.

I never tell anyone this- I have some of Brit's songs in my car's CD player right now. . .and I like listening to them on my way to work. Jeez. So ashamed.