Saturday, July 26, 2008

Beat That!

Nothing can beat the Summer Festival fireworks show. It is one of the major highlights of the weekend and there is no question why. Without a doubt these are the best fireworks on the coast by far. If only the stinkin' wind would have cooperated tonight. There was no wind at all. At all. And for those of you who don't know...that means all of the smoke from the fireworks stayed where it was. With no wind to blow the smoke away all of the fireworks went off behind clouds. Damn. It was still an amazing friggin' show! But it could have been so much better if it wasn't for the wind...or lack thereof.

It was a pretty cool sight with the fireworks behind the clouds. Kinda like a sweet lightning storm, only and full of color.

I wasn't able to stay all of today because I got sick in the afternoon. Had to go home and rest. I'm not sure what was wrong with me but I was shaky, had terrible cramps (no clue why) and was on the verge of passing out (so not cool). So I thought it would be a good idea to take a break. I felt bad though because I was helping man the info trailer for the committee. Oh well, stuff happens.

Another highlight of Summer Fest is the logging show. Actually it's pretty much what the whole thing is centered around. To start off the logging show the Queen (my sister!) throws an axe...and it has to stick (go figure). So she was practicing yesterday at my Mom and Dads house and threw her axe through the garage. Oops! Small hole, not too bad.

Her axe is great! It is bright pink with pretty rhinestones. Logger glam! So when she went down to the field after today's parade to practice at her actual target in front of people...she was given instructions and help by some of the local loggers. Everyone soon realized Sammi's axe was about 10lb heavier than the axes that loggers use for this event. 10lb is a HUGE difference. Plus, the handle and the head of the axe were not balanced, making a difficult throw. And the head of the axe had rounded edges instead of super sharp evil looking ones...which made it bounce off the target instead of stick. Double damn. So she had to give up her fantabulous axe and go for a normal one.

So it was time for her to be front and center. The stands were packed (as always) crowds were gathered around all staring. She was announced and all waited for her to throw the axe. This picture is similar to our targets except we have cages around them.
Her first attempt Sam nicked the outer rim. The announcer blamed the wind for her and offered her to take 3 steps forward. She declined of course. No way would that work for Samantha. Her second throw she hit what would be the equivalent to the blue/red area. SWEET!! She rocks!

Here is a pic of our logging show. This is the choker setting, my personal favorite.

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