Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Perkins Pack

It's never too late to update! For those who may be interested I have a new blog about the jumble bumble that comprises my life. If you're interested you can head on over to The Perkins Pack. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ring Pumpkin and Leaves Girl

The ring bearer pumpkin. We went shopping for all of our wedding pumpkins two days before the wedding. I told Justin to pick out a nice pumpkin for the ring bearer. Very smooth all over. No pumkin pimples or funny lumps. He picked the biggest one he could find, I swear! He said Jayce, the ring bearer, would have no problem carrying it. See? He could pick it up. Jayce is a small boy. SMALL. So I looked for a replacement pumpkin. I couldn't find one! Justin actually chose one of the smallest pumpkins there was.
At the rehearsal dinner we told Jayce to lock his arms by his sides nice and tight. Hurry from point "A" to point "B" and hand off the pumpkin to Ira as soon as possible. Ira took both the pumpkin and the flower girl basket from the kids when they were done and set them on the table behind him. Not that Jayce needed it. Although it was heavy, Jayce could carry it much easier than I though he would.
Dylan, the flower girl, was funny. I explained to her that she was supposed to toss the leaves as she walked down the aisle and don't worry about making a mess. Well, I'm told that on the big day she walked right behind Jayce (little space between them) and didn't throw a single leaf until she got to the front. Once there the bridesmaids helped out and told her, "Dilly-Bean throw them." Where we stood had some nice leaf action going on!

A little bit of ribbon and lace works wonders for sprucing up a pumpkin!

Card Box

I'm not sure what site I saw it on first but I loved this idea. I've seen it around and now my sister is doing it for her wedding. The card box. I took some simple plain oval boxes from the craft store. A little hot glue magic. A super sharp knife. And my boxes were born.

At first I was going to try gluing those pretty little maple leaves I'd purchased all over the box. No such luck. Didn't stick worth a damn.

Then I had a stroke of genius! Me and Justin love movies and have saved every movie/ticket stub since we've been together. I made "movie paper" by laying all the stubs on the copy machine and hitting color. Scientific, I know! I was able to make 3 different sheets with all the stubs we had. So I printed some of those off and got to work on paper mache-ing. I used watered down puzzle glue for the sticky. It worked really well! I just glued glued glued and then tadaa!
For the finishing touches I used some raffia and maple leaf accents. One box was for the cards. The other was for recipes. I love the way these turned out. It was such a bummer when it dawned on me I'd have to cut them up to get the stuff out.

We were at a different family members wedding a few months before ours. They had a pretty basket for the cards to go in. Someone stole most of them and money off the money tree! What assholes!!! It's a wedding! Ulgh. So the slits I put in the top of my boxes were only big enough for cards to go in. Not greedy grubby little hands.

I thought I had more pics but I guess this is it for the boxes. They had so much more color in person.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sign Here

We had four people we wanted to remember. We didn't write any names, just the sign you see. This was on a little table near the entrance. The bottom of the glasses have those little pebble/marble looking rocks some people put in the bottom of fish tanks. You know, the ones that are flat on the bottom. They were a beautiful amber color. Next is the table where people signed the frame. This is the center of that table. I had my gifts to the bridal party on it. Each little tag said their name and they got to go put it around the pumpkin of their choice. Huge hit with my ring bearer and flower girl! The sign in the right of the picture said a cute little poem about please sign and be careful cause it smears.This is my proudest piece of the wedding stuff. The guest frame. Our picture is in the center then I wrote the lyrics to Adam Sandlers song I wanna grow old with you. We love that song and it was movie themed. Winner! You can see the date written at the bottom of the picture.
There was a glass writing pen and guests signed the frame. It turned out awesome! With all of the guest signatures on there it really is something to look back on forever. I love it!
Here's a better picture of it. You can't see the pretty swirls and flourishes in this picture. It looks nicer in person.

This is the other end of the table. There's one of the decorated (dollar tree) apple baskets in the back filled with some candy favors. The main focus of this picture is the card box I made. They turned out perfect! More on those later!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Okay, so I was a freakin' bad kid. I haven't posted in FOREVER! Oops. I blame stress. I am a very stressful person. Always worrying. If it's not one thing it's the next. Well, back to blogging! I have bunches of stuff to catch you all up on. "You all" being my horads of imaginary friends I keep locked in my closet. I will make you read!! Read darn you READ!!
The wedding was amazing! I loved every second of it and I felt pretty!! Justin was sooo sweet. We wrote our own vows and I'll admit, I was worried what Justin's would be. Oh my gosh! He blew me away! I started tearing up and then it was my turn to talk. I held up a finger and told the crowd to just hold on a second. It was perfect!
I had stayed up late the night before. First decorating for the wedding and having the rehearsal dinner. Then my sister threw me an impromptu bachelorette party. I didn't drink much because having a hangover for my wedding wasn't my idea of a good time. After the party I went home and stayed up practicing my vows and getting them memorized. Talk about last minute.
So when the time came for me to say my vows, what did I do? I froze of course! Luckily I anticipated as much and had my sister, Reverend Samantha, hang on to a copy for me. I ended up reading half my vows but SO WHAT! It was great.
Sam and Josh did excellent reading the ceremony. Sam got tons of compliments and even asked if she could preform a ceremony for someone else! I'll admit I was a tad jealous because I wrote the damn thing. She did such a good job! I was very proud of my little sister!
And now without further ado, PICTURES!!!

The kiss

Me and Justin

The bridal party

The girls and my cute red shoes

The boys

Samantha, Stephanie, My and Mom

The petite fours on the tower and our cake to the side

More stuff to come!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Insert Crotch Grab Here

Last night Sam came over to use my computer and print out her college assignment. We got to talking about all the things I have left to do. She has been such a huge help! She called a lady named Heidi for my hair appointment. I'm sure some brides-to-be would be in a mad panic if they did this but...I waited until just yesterday to worry about who is going to do my hair and what I want it to look like. I had ideas of the look, but no one skilled enough to pull it off. Enter Heidi. She is the lady that did Sam's hair for the Summer Festival and she did a great job. I'm hoping she will squeeze me in this Saturday and all will be good to go. If not...I guess I'll pull something out of my ass and make it work.

Besides some minor hair drama I was explaining to her about my ipod fiasco and how I still had much to do in the week to come. Well, that led to her telling me about her song choices for her wedding. One of them was "The Way You Make Me Feel" by Michael Jackson. So one thing led to another and now...the bridesmaids and me are preforming a dance at the reception to it. Yep. A dance. In case you all didn't know this, every single one of my MOH/B-maids has been a cheerleader. Hardcore cheerleaders. So it was only fitting that we somehow worked in a routine for us to do. In the beginning of the song there is lots of step-clapping while the music plays. The intro is pretty long on this song. While it is starting out we are gathering everyone around and pulling Justin over to sit in a chair in the center. My people will be behind me in a simple line and I will be in front of them standing next to Justin doing the dance. It's hilarious. Super easy and FUN! I'm thinking about making it a little longer. Right now the dance ends a little less than half way through and the first quarter of the song isn't dancing. We'll see what happens. There is a little catch...my people aren't learning this song until the night before the wedding at my bachelorette party. There will be alcohol, penises, bad language, games and dancing! Hopefully we will dance and then have drinks. I can just picture all of them trying to learn the dance while being tipsy. What a funny mess that would be! Yes, yes, dancing then the drinks.

It's gonna be hilarious either way!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sweet Favors

I didn't end up with nearly as many pictures as I thought I had taken of these. And I still haven't bought a camera much to my disappointment. So here are the pics of the favors. Look at all that chocolate!
When I was cutting out the little tulle squares for these (on a separate night) I swear I counted at least 150. I think it was more like 160 though. Then I started making them...I ended up with 60-ish. Who knows how that happened.
But aren't they cute? I used 3 different ties. The thick ribbon, thin ribbon and raffia. The tulle is a gold color that shimmers, my sweet-ass phone camera just doesn't do them justice.