Monday, October 13, 2008

Insert Crotch Grab Here

Last night Sam came over to use my computer and print out her college assignment. We got to talking about all the things I have left to do. She has been such a huge help! She called a lady named Heidi for my hair appointment. I'm sure some brides-to-be would be in a mad panic if they did this but...I waited until just yesterday to worry about who is going to do my hair and what I want it to look like. I had ideas of the look, but no one skilled enough to pull it off. Enter Heidi. She is the lady that did Sam's hair for the Summer Festival and she did a great job. I'm hoping she will squeeze me in this Saturday and all will be good to go. If not...I guess I'll pull something out of my ass and make it work.

Besides some minor hair drama I was explaining to her about my ipod fiasco and how I still had much to do in the week to come. Well, that led to her telling me about her song choices for her wedding. One of them was "The Way You Make Me Feel" by Michael Jackson. So one thing led to another and now...the bridesmaids and me are preforming a dance at the reception to it. Yep. A dance. In case you all didn't know this, every single one of my MOH/B-maids has been a cheerleader. Hardcore cheerleaders. So it was only fitting that we somehow worked in a routine for us to do. In the beginning of the song there is lots of step-clapping while the music plays. The intro is pretty long on this song. While it is starting out we are gathering everyone around and pulling Justin over to sit in a chair in the center. My people will be behind me in a simple line and I will be in front of them standing next to Justin doing the dance. It's hilarious. Super easy and FUN! I'm thinking about making it a little longer. Right now the dance ends a little less than half way through and the first quarter of the song isn't dancing. We'll see what happens. There is a little people aren't learning this song until the night before the wedding at my bachelorette party. There will be alcohol, penises, bad language, games and dancing! Hopefully we will dance and then have drinks. I can just picture all of them trying to learn the dance while being tipsy. What a funny mess that would be! Yes, yes, dancing then the drinks.

It's gonna be hilarious either way!

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Blablover5 said...

Sounds like you need someone to be taping both version and maybe do a nice comparison. He he he