Monday, October 13, 2008

Insert Crotch Grab Here

Last night Sam came over to use my computer and print out her college assignment. We got to talking about all the things I have left to do. She has been such a huge help! She called a lady named Heidi for my hair appointment. I'm sure some brides-to-be would be in a mad panic if they did this but...I waited until just yesterday to worry about who is going to do my hair and what I want it to look like. I had ideas of the look, but no one skilled enough to pull it off. Enter Heidi. She is the lady that did Sam's hair for the Summer Festival and she did a great job. I'm hoping she will squeeze me in this Saturday and all will be good to go. If not...I guess I'll pull something out of my ass and make it work.

Besides some minor hair drama I was explaining to her about my ipod fiasco and how I still had much to do in the week to come. Well, that led to her telling me about her song choices for her wedding. One of them was "The Way You Make Me Feel" by Michael Jackson. So one thing led to another and now...the bridesmaids and me are preforming a dance at the reception to it. Yep. A dance. In case you all didn't know this, every single one of my MOH/B-maids has been a cheerleader. Hardcore cheerleaders. So it was only fitting that we somehow worked in a routine for us to do. In the beginning of the song there is lots of step-clapping while the music plays. The intro is pretty long on this song. While it is starting out we are gathering everyone around and pulling Justin over to sit in a chair in the center. My people will be behind me in a simple line and I will be in front of them standing next to Justin doing the dance. It's hilarious. Super easy and FUN! I'm thinking about making it a little longer. Right now the dance ends a little less than half way through and the first quarter of the song isn't dancing. We'll see what happens. There is a little people aren't learning this song until the night before the wedding at my bachelorette party. There will be alcohol, penises, bad language, games and dancing! Hopefully we will dance and then have drinks. I can just picture all of them trying to learn the dance while being tipsy. What a funny mess that would be! Yes, yes, dancing then the drinks.

It's gonna be hilarious either way!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sweet Favors

I didn't end up with nearly as many pictures as I thought I had taken of these. And I still haven't bought a camera much to my disappointment. So here are the pics of the favors. Look at all that chocolate!
When I was cutting out the little tulle squares for these (on a separate night) I swear I counted at least 150. I think it was more like 160 though. Then I started making them...I ended up with 60-ish. Who knows how that happened.
But aren't they cute? I used 3 different ties. The thick ribbon, thin ribbon and raffia. The tulle is a gold color that shimmers, my sweet-ass phone camera just doesn't do them justice.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Bring on the stress

Less than T minus 2 weeks 'till the wedding. I still have to buy big pumpkins along with a number of other items. The song list needs put together and we need to find out how exactly we are going to get it to work (ipod drama). I have to make around 150 favors.

I had my bridal shower yesterday! Thank you Jessica! It was completely amazing. I had a great time, tons of fun!

We found out yesterday early morning my cousin died. It's a horrible story and I'll leave it at that.

I'm completely frazzled. I can't remember if I've already done something. I keep asking the same questions over and over and over and still I forget if I asked it already. I felt terrible for trying to enjoy the shower. I still feel bad worrying about the stupid wedding details.

Posting will be back when I can think straight and stop the crying fits. Damn you Death!

Friday, October 3, 2008

I Get Gifts?

So the other day I was talking to one of my bridesmaids and she mentioned, "yeah I have your gift for the bridal shower". I said, "what gift? I get a gift?" and the realization started to dawn on me. I get gifts at the bridal shower!!!! Woo hoo! I win! Don't ask me how I could possibly forget that people will be giving me presents. I was looking forward to the shower so I could see people, hang out, eat good food and maybe play some great silly games. But now people are going to give me things! Who ever started that tradition anyways? I'm getting married...give me lots of parties for various reasons so I get tons of gifts. I'm not complaining or anything because, well, I'm the one getting the gifts here. But really, how many gifts do people need just because they are getting married? Oh well, one of the many crazy things involved with getting hitched.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Squeeeeeeeeeel! I'm getting married this month! Today we went to the gym which I am totally happy about. It was just what I needed to take the edge off my stress. We are cramming in lots of sessions this month because we feel better when we work out and I want to feel my best for our wedding. Also, we don't plan on going after the wedding for a little while so we want to get plenty of time in while we can. After the wedding it's honeymoon time!

I went to the store and paid for the petite fours. My Mom picked them up later in the day and they are staying in her freezer until the wedding. The lady there named Amy was so nice! The manager of the bakery was going to charge me an extra dollar and some change for shipping. So she (manager) rounded the direct cost of the cakes from $53 and some change to a solid $55. Okay, I could deal with that but I did grumble a bit because originally I was told that I would pay what it cost them and nothing more. Well, when I went to get the bill today to pay for them, Amy told me not to bring a receipt back. She didn't want her manager to know that she took $5 off for me. So I paid $50 for the cakes when the store paid almost $54. I win!!!

I looked up our county clerks website to get information on a marriage license. The website was very informative. It had all the info I needed and it was all good news! The whole process only takes 15 minutes. They issue them 8:30am to 4:30pm so we have to do it on a lunch break. They cost $60 and it must be cash. And the best part? We only need to bring a drivers license or ID card. No birth certificate or anything. Pretty easy huh?

This Sunday is my bridal shower, double squeel!! I'm so excited for this! It is being held in Eugene. While we are out there Justin is hanging out with some of his groomsmen and going shopping for his shirt for the wedding. After the shower on our way back home we are going to stop by the amazing 24 hour Winco! We are going to buy the candy for the wedding favors and all the pumpkins we need for the wedding. Our car will be loaded down with pumpkins!

Hunting season opens this Saturday. So in the midst of all this darned planning Justin is also going to try and kill us some dinner. Yummy, I love homemade deer jerky!

Well, enough ramblings for tonight! I gotsta go take a shower and get me some sleep!

Happy October!!