Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ring Pumpkin and Leaves Girl

The ring bearer pumpkin. We went shopping for all of our wedding pumpkins two days before the wedding. I told Justin to pick out a nice pumpkin for the ring bearer. Very smooth all over. No pumkin pimples or funny lumps. He picked the biggest one he could find, I swear! He said Jayce, the ring bearer, would have no problem carrying it. See? He could pick it up. Jayce is a small boy. SMALL. So I looked for a replacement pumpkin. I couldn't find one! Justin actually chose one of the smallest pumpkins there was.
At the rehearsal dinner we told Jayce to lock his arms by his sides nice and tight. Hurry from point "A" to point "B" and hand off the pumpkin to Ira as soon as possible. Ira took both the pumpkin and the flower girl basket from the kids when they were done and set them on the table behind him. Not that Jayce needed it. Although it was heavy, Jayce could carry it much easier than I though he would.
Dylan, the flower girl, was funny. I explained to her that she was supposed to toss the leaves as she walked down the aisle and don't worry about making a mess. Well, I'm told that on the big day she walked right behind Jayce (little space between them) and didn't throw a single leaf until she got to the front. Once there the bridesmaids helped out and told her, "Dilly-Bean throw them." Where we stood had some nice leaf action going on!

A little bit of ribbon and lace works wonders for sprucing up a pumpkin!

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