Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Card Box

I'm not sure what site I saw it on first but I loved this idea. I've seen it around and now my sister is doing it for her wedding. The card box. I took some simple plain oval boxes from the craft store. A little hot glue magic. A super sharp knife. And my boxes were born.

At first I was going to try gluing those pretty little maple leaves I'd purchased all over the box. No such luck. Didn't stick worth a damn.

Then I had a stroke of genius! Me and Justin love movies and have saved every movie/ticket stub since we've been together. I made "movie paper" by laying all the stubs on the copy machine and hitting color. Scientific, I know! I was able to make 3 different sheets with all the stubs we had. So I printed some of those off and got to work on paper mache-ing. I used watered down puzzle glue for the sticky. It worked really well! I just glued glued glued and then tadaa!
For the finishing touches I used some raffia and maple leaf accents. One box was for the cards. The other was for recipes. I love the way these turned out. It was such a bummer when it dawned on me I'd have to cut them up to get the stuff out.

We were at a different family members wedding a few months before ours. They had a pretty basket for the cards to go in. Someone stole most of them and money off the money tree! What assholes!!! It's a wedding! Ulgh. So the slits I put in the top of my boxes were only big enough for cards to go in. Not greedy grubby little hands.

I thought I had more pics but I guess this is it for the boxes. They had so much more color in person.

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