Friday, February 6, 2009

Sign Here

We had four people we wanted to remember. We didn't write any names, just the sign you see. This was on a little table near the entrance. The bottom of the glasses have those little pebble/marble looking rocks some people put in the bottom of fish tanks. You know, the ones that are flat on the bottom. They were a beautiful amber color. Next is the table where people signed the frame. This is the center of that table. I had my gifts to the bridal party on it. Each little tag said their name and they got to go put it around the pumpkin of their choice. Huge hit with my ring bearer and flower girl! The sign in the right of the picture said a cute little poem about please sign and be careful cause it smears.This is my proudest piece of the wedding stuff. The guest frame. Our picture is in the center then I wrote the lyrics to Adam Sandlers song I wanna grow old with you. We love that song and it was movie themed. Winner! You can see the date written at the bottom of the picture.
There was a glass writing pen and guests signed the frame. It turned out awesome! With all of the guest signatures on there it really is something to look back on forever. I love it!
Here's a better picture of it. You can't see the pretty swirls and flourishes in this picture. It looks nicer in person.

This is the other end of the table. There's one of the decorated (dollar tree) apple baskets in the back filled with some candy favors. The main focus of this picture is the card box I made. They turned out perfect! More on those later!

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